Wednesday, December 24, 2014

The Soul felt its Worth

By Annie Klapheke

Long lay the world in sin and error pining,
‘til He appeared and the soul felt its worth.”
-          lyrics, O Holy Night

For families who constantly live in the face of poverty, violence and struggle; many of their days are spent pining.  Pining for opportunity.  Pining for peace.  Pining for relief and security.  During the Advent and Christmas seasons, we are reminded that all of us live in a state of yearning - a yearning that can only be filled by the coming of Christ.  At the Christmas celebration at Proyecto Santo Niño in Anapra, Mexico, Emmanuel had come.  God was among us in the laughter of children, the joy of mothers, the singing and dancing, and the sharing of delicious food.  He had appeared in this blessed community, and each soul truly felt its worth. 

Celebrating Christmas with the children of Proyecto Santo Niño in Anapra, Mexico.

Mary and Joseph in the traditional Mexican posada.  Entren santos peregrinos!

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  1. Your love for these children is seen in your face and felt in your words, Annie. Thank God for your presence with them.


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