Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Pure Gift

By Sandy Howe

The call to religious life came from a call to love and serve others. Sixteen years later I still feel that call and I hope that I continue to "Wake up the World" to serve the needs of others. My life has truly been blessed by those I have encountered in serving and serving with. My heart has been touched by being present to those in need. In return they have blessed my life; something I wasn't even aware was possible until it happened. And now, it is pure gift to engage in sharing life with those I serve.

Name: Sr. Sandy Howe
Congregation: Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati
Stage in vows: Made final vows in April 2007
Hometown:  Kettering, Ohio.  Currently live in Cincinnati, Ohio
Current Ministry: Seton High School-Campus Ministry, Community Service Coordinator

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  1. Sister Sandy inspires me. She radiates Christ love!! I am a better person because I have served beside her.


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