Sunday, January 12, 2020

From the FOC to the HOC: Happy Ten Years!

Compiled by Sister Tracy Kemme, SC

Last Saturday marked the ten year anniversary of the House of Charity (HOC) in New Orleans, and we at the Future of Charity (FOC) blog want to celebrate their milestone.  We dedicate this post to our visionary sisters who dreamed up the HOC and have sustained it over a decade, impacting countless young adults, the city of New Orleans, and the Charity Federation – including, in a very special way, us who are newer members of our congregations.
Our first FOC gathering at the HOC, August 2014
The FOC has its roots at the House of Charity.  The same sisters who dreamed up the HOC also dreamed of connecting newer members across the Federation, and they eventually did, at the HOC in 2014.  Sisters Claire Regan, Mary Lex Smith, Monica Gundler, and Renee Rose welcomed us with open arms.  Our beloved, now-deceased Sr. Janet Gildea led us in reflection on the movie Field of Dreams. Its famous quote, “If you build it, they will come,” took on special power at the HOC, where more than a thousand guests have "come" since our sisters “built” it in 2010.  In this sacred space, Janet invited us to dream about collaborating for the Charity mission – and one idea that emerged was this blog, now more than five years running. 
At the end of the weekend, another dear sister that we’ve since lost, Marie Flowers, gushed, “I finally feel like I have a ‘band’!”  For those of us who have entered our congregations with few peers, the FOC has been like our band,” our entrance group, and the HOC has been our our gathering place, our home-base to which we return yearly.  This past November, we were blessed once again by the hospitality of the HOC’s current community, Sisters Monica Gundler, Peg Johnson, and Vicki Lichtenauer.  As always, we were nourished for the present and energized for our shared future.
FOC at the HOC, November 2019
We are so grateful.  And as a small token of our immense gratitude, we, the members of the FOC, offer tribute here to the amazing HOC:

©     In gratitude for being that place that holds the past of our Charity Charism and the love of our sisters who have laid down our foundation, the present of who we are in this defining moment, and the future that might be uncertain yet is laden with a promise of hope and guidance from God, happy 10th year anniversary, HOC! I am grateful for what you represent for us women of Charity!    ~Romina Sapinoso
©     The House of Charity is a wonderful example of collaboration among the Charity Federation congregations. It weaves hospitality, community, prayer, and service together for those who stay there.  Whether I am visiting with the Future of Charity or a college spring break service trip, I can feel the positive energy and hope that emerges from the group experience, impelling all to continue building the Kindom here on earth.    ~Rejane Cytacki
©     When I first stayed at the HOC in 2017, I had already been accepted as a pre-postulant with the Daughters of Charity and knew I would be living in New Orleans for my first year. Meeting and staying with the Sisters at the HOC for that first service week was a blessing, as I continued to be in contact with them throughout my time in NOLA. Being able to pray, serve, and be involved in their activities added a lot to my year.  Thank you, HOC, for your welcoming arms, hospitable spirit, and atmosphere of invitation to me!    ~Josephine Lomasney
Federation Come and Serve, Sept. 2017
©     My first time to the House of Charity was for Nuns Build 2013, and it was also my very first experience of the Charity Federation.  I will never forget entering the house to a bustling kitchen and two long tables full of Sisters talking, laughing and breaking bread together.  I immediately felt I was among family, and continue to feel that way every time I return to a warm welcome at the House of Charity.    ~Annie Klapheke
©     Every moment that I have encountered through gathering at the HOC has provided a source of growth, hope and faith in the journey as sisters of Charity.    ~Hyeon Lee
©     The first time that I went to the House of Charity for the Daughters of Charity Search and Serve in 2016, I instantly felt welcomed and loved. It was there that I first got to witness the Vincentian Charism in action. The sisters there have always been so generous and supportive of anyone who would walk through those doors, and for that I am very thankful. To this day every time I visit the House of Charity it still feels like home.    ~Carissa Kulpa
©     The House of Charity has been an integral part of my discernment/formation journey. I initially experienced their warm hospitality when I was first exploring a call to religious life, and since then I’ve returned numerous times as a sister-in-formation and even as a companion for other young women in discernment. The HOC is one of many "second homes" that I am privileged to have, and I'm so proud to be in the Charity family with the devoted and inspiring women who live and minister there.    ~Whitney Schieltz
FOC at the HOC, September 2015
©     The House of Charity has been a place where we as younger sisters can gather under one roof and one name, no distribution is needed. Great hospitality is always offered and a feeling of being at home is always felt. Thank you HOC for always being there for us as younger members in the federation. We are truly blessed.    ~Carlette Gentle
©     I’ve been lucky enough to participate in two Nuns Builds and be hosted annually for Future of Charity gatherings. My first Nuns Build, during novitiate, was an enlightening experience for me and the other Federation Sisters present. After spending the week together, they proclaimed that Tracy and I were “their” novices, too; we didn’t just belong to the Cincinnati SCs. That was the first time I really knew it was true that my community includes all my Federation Sisters. I’m so grateful to the HOC for facilitating those kinds of encounters and giving the whole Federation a place to call home.    ~Andrea Koverman
©     I am so grateful for the collaborative ministry of the House of Charity because it introduced me to the Sisters of Charity Federation.  This house offers a homey, welcoming atmosphere where sisters from across the Federation can gather to build relationships with each other and deepen our call to the charism of Charity.    ~Kara Davis
©     I first came to the HOC in 2012, shortly after deciding to take the plunge to become a Sister of Charity.  I was still full of questions and, truthfully, upset with God for asking me to “give up” other life options.  That week praying, serving, and playing with the HOC community was a turning point, reminding me why I was drawn to religious life and setting my heart afire with courage and joy.  Thank you, HOC, for your contagious witness to Charity!    ~Tracy Kemme
©     As we celebrate this HOC anniversary, I would like to pay tribute to the wonderful hospitality offered by the staff! I started attending Future of Charity gatherings there over 5 years ago to deepen my Federation relationships, and getting to know the Charity charism lived among us has been inspiring. The HOC has been a refuge to build support, relax, pray together as well as to have a lot of fun together. May God continue to abundantly bless the efforts of this ministry!    ~Judy Donohue
©     The HOC has always been a place of welcome and hospitality.  I treasure the opportunity to come together with newer members in different stages of formation to share our dreams and ideas, and to pray, play and support one another.  I am also gifted by the many mentors throughout the Charity Federation who walk with us and share in the journey of Religious Life with spirit of Charity.    ~Paris Slapikas

Happy 10 years, House of Charity!  We love you!
And we say YES with you to the next ten wonderful years (and beyond)...

P.S.  If you’ve never had the chance to visit the House of Charity, check out Sr. Monica’s video tour (which she offered as part of the Charity Federation's series of Elizabeth Seton reflections) by clicking right here!

Sunday, December 15, 2019

Finding Life in Unexpected Places

By Sister Annie Klapheke, SC
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We are now half way through our Advent journey, this season of hope and expectant waiting.  This year, I have been particularly struck by the words we have been hearing from the prophet Isaiah and how these words speak of finding life in unexpected places.  A new bud, full of life, sprouting from an old, dead stump (Isaiah 11:1).  A parched desert wasteland blooming forth with abundant flowers (Isaiah 35:1-2).  What beautiful imagery for this season of hope.  A reminder that God can bring forth life from even the most desolate situations.  We see this also in the life of Jesus: born to a couple in poverty and raised in the backwater down of Nazareth; in his ministry, intentionally seeking out and raising up those who were rejected by society; and ending on the cross, where eternal life was found in the most unexpected of places – through death. 

I can think of situations in my own life and ministry where life came from unexpected places.

·       I volunteer with the Ignatian Spirituality Project, a program which offers retreats and spiritual reflection for women and men in recovery from addiction.  For some of these women, they say that going to prison was the best thing that ever happened to them, because it was in that moment of total desolation that they turned to God.

·       My parish community is largely Guatemalan.  When they first arrived at the parish, they were not even allowed in the church.  With time and change, they have been welcomed with open arms.  Now, baptisms of little Latino babies are a frequent occurrence at our Sunday liturgies.  Those who were once shut out are now the flourishing life of the parish.

·       When I was in my mid-twenties and about to begin my career, I was surprised by an invitation to consider religious life.  I never could have imaged the abundant life I would discover in the vows of obedience, poverty and celibacy. 

During this season of Advent, we are invited not only to wait, but to wait with attentiveness.  May our eyes be opened to the places where God is bringing forth life in unexpected places. 

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Cleaning out Clogged Drains

By Sr. Judy Donohue, SC Federation Temporary Professed

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In early November, I noticed our garage gutters were clogged and not draining properly. I got a ladder, and pulled the bulk of the leaves out in one swipe. Immediately a gush of water plummeted down the pipe. It continued to drain for a while. Today, I thought what in me is clogged up, that is preventing the joy of the Spirit from flowing freely? Is it judgment, unforgiveness, pride, fear, expectations? God, whatever is blocking me from a more joyful life in my vocation, ministry, relationships, set me free. Clean out of me the leaves of competition, comparing, resentment and let the light and sunshine of the Spirit flow freely through. Letting the love of life, God and others flow ever greater is a gift worth seeking during this season of Thanksgiving. I’m grateful for God speaking to me through an act of service.

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Gathering in New Orleans

During the weekend of November 1-3, 2019, the Future of Charity met for a fun-filled, prayerful time together at the House of Charity in New Orleans, LA. Upon arrival, each person was welcomed with a hug. We began with a prayer service honoring the Saints who have gone before us with an ofrenda.  We placed pictures of the Saints of our communities as well as family and friends upon the altar. We shared how they had touched our lives. Remembering the example of those who have gone before us, those who had been faithful to the call of God in Religious Life and in serve to the poor inspired many.  

We did some planning of the FUTURE for the Future of Charity at our business meeting. We want to continue meeting and expand by inviting others to join in our group! The bonding and joyful times of laughter and conversations shared shows how loving one another is so life giving. We shared many delicious meals: a pizza made by Annie and Vicki, and on Sunday, PoBoy sandwiches at the PoBoy festival!  

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Sr. Whitney Schieltz, SC, Professes First Vows

Congratulations to Sister Whitney Schieltz who professed her first vows with the Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati on August 24th! The celebration Mass focused on the themes of baptism and the call to gospel living. 

Whitney processed in carrying her original baptismal candle that her parents had saved from 1988, and her program cover featured an original design depicting the Jordan River.

It was a beautiful celebration with her community, family, and friends! Please continue to hold Whitney, and all the members of Future of Charity, in prayer as we continue in our initial and ongoing formation in the Sisters of Charity Federation.

The Cincinnati Novitiate House community with the five sisters they've accompanied.

Other young sisters from within and beyond the archdiocese celebrated with Whitney.

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Lord, Teach Us to Pray

By Sr. Kara Davis, Daughter of Charity Under 10 Years Vocation

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It so happened that while Jesus was praying in a certain place, after He had finished, one of His disciples said to Him, “Lord, teach us to pray just as John also taught his disciples.” (Luke 11:1)

Image result for pray for el paso

More shootings.  More acts of violence rooted in hate.  We respond, “Enough is enough! Pass me that petition!  I will write yet another letter to my representatives.”  We show up to vigils, to protests, uniting with our brothers and sisters with one voice:  Enough is enough!  We write posts on social media.  Our Facebook news feed is flooded with messages of solitary and thoughts and prayers for various communities struck with the most recent devastation of violence.  We will not stop uniting our voices, reaching out in solidarity, or taking action in various ways.  And we most definitely will not stop praying.  

Image result for pray for charleston AME church shooting
In all of this, I find myself turning to God, but lost for words.  I ponder, What is my prayer?  Then I echo the disciple's words to Jesus pleading, "Lord, teach us to pray."

When our hearts are broken and we can’t find the words,
Lord teach us to pray.

When noise overpowers the stillness of silence,
Lord teach us to pray.

When destruction is rampant and peace can’t be found,
Lord teach us to pray.

When lies and confusion distort the truth,
Lord teach us to pray.

When the darkness of sin casts a shadow on the goodness of humanity,
Lord teach us to pray. 

When despair blinds our eyes of faith,
Lord teach us to pray.

When doubt darkens our flame of hope,
Lord teach us to pray.

When hate hardens our hearts made for love,
Lord teach us to pray.

Teach us to pray with words,
with silence,
with action,
with pondering.

Teach us to pray with friends,
with strangers,
with adversaries,
with advocates.

Teach us to pray with the witness of our lives,
with the choices we make,
with the places we show up,
with the people we meet.

Lord teach us to pray with the events of our day,
as we discern your way:
a response of love,
an act of justice,
all rooted deeply in a life of prayer.

Lord teach us to pray.

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Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Rest, Relax, and be Renewed.

By Sr. Judy Donohue, SC Federation Temporary Professed

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One of my jobs at the Forest Springs Health Campus is to water the plants in the Physical Therapy Courtyard. I came to work Monday morning after a particularly hot and humid weekend, the heat had gotten the best of the flowering baskets. They looked completely dehydrated with little hope for revival. The leaves were crinkled, the flowers were dried up, and I thought my boss was going to yell at me for letting them go. I decided to go ahead and water them anyway. The next day they looked fabulous, they looked like new. WOW! The leaves filled out, the flowers came back to life. Like the flowers, my spirit sometimes gets dehydrated and I need the Living Water to bring me back to life. Taking a break refreshes my Spirit. In June, I had the privilege of attending a retreat at Milford’s Jesuit Retreat Spiritual Center. I met daily with a Spiritual Director, walked the grounds, read my books, met the other 13 retreatants, drew Mandalas, attended Mass, prayed the Labyrinth, went to Reconciliation and enjoyed eating in silence at meals with the others. I put no pressure on myself to get things done. What freedom in just being. How freeing it is to enjoy the day in living in the now.

Flowering basket before and after watering

I also had the privilege of going to Camp Maria during our Sisters of Charity of Nazareth and Associates Vacation Week, July 2-10. I am awed at how much better I feel for taking a break. Being in the quiet has enlightened me to slow down. Retreat has challenged me to see the societal pressure to be busy is not the best way to live or be in relationship.

Being counter cultural is so much a strength in my understanding of Religious Life: To be a witness in a simple lifestyle when others are continually collecting things, to take a break when others are on the fast track, to stop and help others when it is an inconvenience. Personally to go slow is not my normal mode of operation. I want to move. Yet, it is in resting that I am restored.

Thank God for the Call to the annual retreat and the opportunity to take a vacation. Let us take time this summer to rest in God, have fun and be Re-vitalized to carry Jesus’ love to those in our ministries and communities. Having this time of renewal has prepared me for my Renewal of Vows on July 19. Thanks for your prayers and support as I continue on this journey to explore and live God’s love with others in helping the poor.