Thursday, December 11, 2014

Standing in their Footsteps

By Kara Davis

At a reunion celebration for St. Joseph's School in New Orleans, LA, I got my picture taken 
with a cutout of one of our Sisters wearing the coronet.  The Daughters of Charity and 
Vincentian Priests served at this school for many years.

Something I am constantly reminded as I continue this journey of formation with the Daughters of Charity, is that we stand in the footsteps of the Sisters who have gone before us.  The more I learn about the legacy of our Sisters, the Boldness of Charity they exhibited through their ministries and community life, the more I am inspired to Wake up the World in their footsteps.

Name:  Kara Davis
Congregation:  Daughters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul
Stage of Formation:  Pre-Postulant
Hometown:  Omaha, NE
Current Ministry: Speech-Language Pathologist

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  1. I am glad to have been directed to this blog. All of you walking in Charity, wherever you may be, I promise to pray for you!


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