About Romina Sapinoso

Hometown: Angeles City, Philippines
Stage of Formation/Vows: Apostolic Novice
Congregation: Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati

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Romina's Blog Reflections:

To See The Face of God - 9/9/2016

Three Things I Learned In Three Months of Novitiate - 10/21/2016

On Immigration, Formation, and Companions On The Journey - 2/10/2017

The Way of Elizabeth - 6/2/2017

Mininka Mininka Waye So Dawaw - 7/5/2017

Treasured - 12/13/2017

Belonging To One Another - 2/28/2018

Sheltered And Nurtured By Love - 5/22/2018

Late - 8/18/18

Welcome: Christmas Eve Reflections from the Border - 12/24/2018

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