Friday, October 7, 2016

The Future of Religious Life

As our name--Future of Charity--suggests, we spend a lot of time pondering and discussing the future of the Sisters of Charity Federation and religious life in general.  As recently vowed members and women in formation with religious congregations, we know that challenges lie ahead of us; but we also have great hope in what the future holds.  We asked our bloggers: What are you most excited for as you envision the future of religious life?  

Here's what they said...

Creative freedom in ministry, new collaborations and deeper understanding of our interconnectedness; living into new meanings of the vows in the evolving church and world.
- Melissa Camardo

I'm most excited for building relationships with peers of my generation both within the U.S., and across borders.
- Laura Coughlin

The collaboration between communities is exciting to me in religious life and collaboration with laypeople when it comes to living in community.
- Rejane Cytacki

What am I most excited about in the future of religious life is meeting new people and developing relationships as well as deepening my friendships with the ones I already know. I am excited about the personal & spiritual growth I am experiencing.  
- Judy Donohue

I am most excited about the inter-nationality of our future.  The cultural diversity and cross-cultural dimensions of our communities are inviting us to think and act in much broader ways. This richness is exciting to me!
- Marie Flowers

I am excited about the newness and creative ways that religious life can grow and develop as we move with the signs of the time.  
- Carlette Gentle

As I envision the future of religious life, I am most excited about the radical endeavors we may be able to undertake through collaboration!  Some may think that the religious life is dying because numbers are declining, but small can be powerful!
- Tracy Kemme

As I envision the future of religious life, I am excited about collaborating across congregations.  Each community has such richness to offer—what a joy it will be to taste a diversity of charisms.
- Annie Klapheke

I am most excited about the ways I see people waking up to the injustices that have been a part of our culture's collective unchallenged assumptions and the ways that women religious are being called to take a prophetic role in addressing them in response to deep prayerful contemplation. I love the energy, commitment and passion I find among women attracted to and joining contemporary religious life and am so grateful to have been called to this life myself!
- Andrea Koverman

I'm most excited about what the consecrated life will look like in the future.  I believe there will always be people dedicated to serving God in the church, but it may look different than it is today.  If it is God's will I will be there to see it!
- Meg Kymes

What I'm most excited about in the future of religious life is community, connections, and possibilities!
- Romina Sapinoso

I am excited to see how Pope Francis’s leadership is reigniting and refocusing the mission of the Church and inspiring new vocations in religious life and the laity; and I look forward to increased collaboration between these two groups on the forefront of social justice causes around the world.
- Whitney Schieltz

As I consider the future of religious life I am excited about the opportunities we'll have to collaborate in ministry and experience community living together across the Federation.
- Paris Slapikas

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