Friday, October 14, 2016

SOA Watch Border Convergence

Last weekend (Oct. 7-9), three members of the Future of Charity group gathered with hundreds of activists along the U.S./Mexico border wall in Nogales to protest the unjust treatment of immigrants and refuges.  Andrea Koverman, SC; Tracy Kemme, SC; and Whitney Schieltz, an Affiliate with the Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati living in El Paso, TX; first joined the weekend-long protest for a rally and vigil outside Eloy Detention Center, located about halfway between Tucson and Phoenix.

The families of men and women in detention share their families' stories and
ask the crowd for support in getting their loved ones released.

Sister Andrea holds a candle at the vigil outside Eloy Detention Center.

On Saturday, they crossed the border to spend the day at various events in Mexico.  The day was full of powerful moments as crowds gathered on both sides of the wall for rallies, prayer services, and concerts.

Artwork adds life to the border wall in Nogales, Mexico.

Andrea, Tracy, and Whitney with a group of other women religious next to the border wall.

Whitney (second from right) and Sister Tracy (far right) look through the massive border wall.

Later in the day, the Future of Charity members met with other women religious at a soup kitchen near the border in Mexico for an Encuentro de Hermanas, an event put on by Giving Voice, an organization for women religious under age 50.  This time together allowed the individuals to share why the issue of immigration is close to their heart and to brainstorm ideas for how to respond to the growing need.

The women religious gathered for the Encuentro de Hermanas at the Kino Border Initiative
Soup Kitchen pose for a group photo below a modernized mural of the Last Supper.

Sunday morning, Andrea, Tracy, and Whitney made one last stop at the wall before heading home.  This time, however, they stayed on the U.S. side for one final protest and concert.  Although the weekend went by quickly, it was a clear reminder of the harsh reality that waits for so many seeking a better life.

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