Monday, February 29, 2016

Intimacy: "Into me see"

By Sr. Judy Donohue

I find intimacy a call of my heart.  Jesus had three close intimate relationships with the apostles: John, Peter and James. He also was a good friend of Martha, Mary and Lazarus. I just completed a four day workshop with Sr. Lynn Levo CSJ on Psycho-Sexual development. She stated “I need you to complete me, you need me to complete you.” We find ourselves in relationships. In my ministry at our assisted living center: Carrico Hall, I have enjoyed getting to know our sisters and share their life stories. I have sorted stamps, pictures, put together puzzles as well as shared vocation stories.  In these life experiences, I identify with some things in my own life.  Yes, I too was shy.  Yes, I wanted to avoid the call. Yes, I am often confused on what God’s will is.  Yes, God wants to direct us every step of the way and give us peace.  

In the novitiate, the inner journeying process helps us to find out who we are.  I am discovering many things about myself that I am learning to accept. Some good, some challenging. Mostly that I am infinitely loved by a great lover of a God. I am not perfect, but I am loved. God desires to spend time with us. God wants to know us intimately. God desires to be in the same room with us just as we desire to be with those we love. As I learn to be vulnerable, to self-disclose, and continue trusting the process, I am growing in intimacy.  We are frail, tender, sometimes weak human beings who need support. During this season of Lent, God is drawing us ever nearer to Godself with mercy that is greater than the ocean in depth, length, height and width. Thank God I am not alone. Thank God for the journey.

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