Friday, May 12, 2017

Happy Nurses Day

By Sr. Carlette Gentle, SC Federation Perpetually Professed

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There is a prayer called the Nurses Prayer.  I don’t know who wrote it but it goes like this:

      Lord, help me to bring comfort where there is pain
      Courage where there is fear
      Hope where there is despair
      Acceptance when the end is near
      And a gentle touch with tenderness, patience, and love.

As I read this poem out loud to myself, I thought of people around the world who give of themselves daily to offer assistance.  Many I know do not do it for the love of the money but for the genuine concern they have for others.  Nurses give of their time and energy to keep up with their practice, they utilize patience when working with difficult patients, they have to stay focused and alert when diagnosing tests, they have to be on the alert when a patient’s symptoms change.  This list can go on.  But, on a daily basis in this fast pace world, nurses stop to offer servant leadership to others.  I think we fail to realize that the personal contact and care given to another is very important.  Just greeting someone the time of the day can uplift their spirit.

Nurses give of their life to help others in their times of need, worry and concern.  So on this special day for Nurses, let us all give thanks to those in this profession who selflessly give of themselves to assist others.  We are deeply thankful to you for the services you offer to us.

Thank you, Nurses.

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