Thursday, July 9, 2015


“I’m Letting Go”
By: Sr. Meg Kymes, DC

During this 4th of July I thought it was timely to talk about freedom.  When many people think of freedom they think of liberty, democracy or maybe even fireworks and barbecues!  I thought of a different word however, obedience.
About a week ago all the Daughters of Charity who were in the community for less than 10 years gathered together in California (see Sr. Roberta’s post “Reflections from the Vow Institute”).  During the week as the group was discussing obedience.  During one of Fr. Patrick’s talks he mentioned, “Obedience does not involve the surrender of one’s freedom or one’s will…One chooses to act with openness and personal acceptance of responsibility.” (“Follow Me:  The Vows as Response to a Call: 4. Question and Response” by Fr. Patrick Griffin page 3)  At first I was a little taken aback by this, “I did give up my freedom!  I don’t choose where I live and where I minister.  How can he say we didn’t give up our freedom?”  After reflection though, I came to a deeper response.
Later in Fr. Patrick’s talk he said, “Obedience [is] an expression of our love in freedom.” (page 4).  While I was praying with this quote in light of the first quote, I realized the second part of the quote was where the truth was.  I chose to act in openness. No one forced my vocation.  I chose to trust my superiors are being guided by the Holy Spirit when I am being sent to a new house of Sisters and a new ministry.  Jesus calls us to listen to others around us including our superiors and the poor because that is where we hear his voice today.  Not many people hear Jesus’ voice like St. Margaret Mary Alacoque or St. Teresa of Avila rather we hear his voice from others and we are called to follow that voice, “When [the Good Shepherd] has driven out all his own, he walks ahead of them, and sheep follow him because they recognize his voice…” (Jn. 10:4)
Something else came to mind when I was reflecting on obedience and freedom.  It was the Francesca Battistelli song, “I’m Letting Go” Enjoy!

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