Sunday, April 26, 2015

What's not to love?

Future of Charity gathering
in South Carolina
March 2015
On this World Day of Prayer for Vocations, our blog contributors have taken a moment to celebrate our God-given vocation to religious life in the 
charism of Charity.  
God’s call, with all of its mystery and ups and downs, is truly the path to great joy for each of us!
Check out what we love about being newer, younger sisters:

One thing I love about my vocation is...

1. I am a part of something bigger than myself as we collectively yet uniquely witness hope to our hurting world. (Sr. Marie Flowers)

2. that it enables me to answer a call to continue Christ's mission in the world; to be a co-creator of the kingdom that is both partially here and yet still to come. It fills me with hope and faith and makes me want to share it with the world! (Sr. Andrea Koverman)

3. that, by serving  the Poor  everyday, I enjoy the immediacy of the Presence of our Lord all day. Can it get any better? 
(Sr. Mary Ellen Lacy)

4. that I have a whole community behind me, and not just those I live with, but those who have gone before me as well.  Pooling all those prayers, gifts, resources, and individualities for me truly is living the Body of Christ. (Sr. Laurie Parker)

5. that I am surrounded by a community of women who inspire me daily and who do so much to improve the lives of others. (Sr. Paris Slapikas)

6. the freedom to love Christ with my whole heart; to claim him publicly as the explicit goal of my life, and a superlative goal for all others as well.  (Sr. Laura Coughlin)

7. being part of something so much bigger than myself; including both my congregation and God's mission.  It’s a joy to unite my "yes" with so many other women and a gift to have the freedom to meet the unmet needs of our world. (Sr. Annie Klapheke)

8. that it frees me to be who I am. 
(Sr. Cecilia Harriendorf)

9. the call to prayer, service & having others around to help you through the day. God knows what I need & is able to provide it. God is my GPS system & directs my every step. I am given direction for every day. (Judy Donohue)

10. that it has opened me to wide, deep, and surprising experiences of God’s love through many lands and people.  It’s all about love! (Sr. Tracy Kemme)

11. that I can be myself and that I get to travel the road less traveled. (Sr. Carlette Gentle)

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